For members belonging to the transgender community, life is never kind. They are always at the receiving end of discrimination and uncomfortable stares. Even their family members don’t wholeheartedly accept them. Be it education or employment, they’re denied rightful opportunities. As a result, a lot of them are forced to turn to begging or prostitution. Those who have it slightly better, end up doing odd jobs that neither pay well nor offer any form of security. This is what makes Preetisha’s story worthy of appreciation.

A transwoman, Preetisha never had it easy. However, not once did she give up. Instead, she decided to face life’s challenges head-on. Along the way, she found the perfect companion in Prem, a transman. They got married to start a new chapter of their life together, and then, something life-changing happened. Watch the video to know more:

Thanks to Uber, today Prem and Preetisha are living a life of dignity and respect.

Both of them work as delivery partners with Uber Eats and are moving a step closer towards realising their dreams, one delivery at a time. For them, life is now all about smiling customers, successful deliveries and the satisfaction of having come a long way.

Prem and Preetisha’s story is proof of how Uber is fostering an inclusive work environment and providing equal opportunities to everyone. It is steps like these that go a long way in helping integrate those from marginalised communities into the mainstream workforce.

Courtesy: thequint


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