Tata Consultancy Services has further victimized a victim of sexual harassment by an "unprecedented" punitive action.

Ippodhu has information that the TCS is sending the survivor to the bench again. It can be perceived as a well-calculated punitive action. The TCS is doing this during the #Coronavirus shutdown. This will deny justice to the survivor in the long-term and deny her fiscal benefits in the short-term. This is definitely not sending the right message to the one lakh plus women in the workforce of the TCS. 

The following news originally appeared on January 8, 2020.

Contrary to its claims of providing a women-friendly ecosystem, the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has victimized a sexual harassment victim in its Chennai campus by sending her to the bench. Sending someone to the bench in the Information Technology (IT) sector means that the person is kept waiting for a role. This is seen as a punishment for under-performance. The sexual harassment victim, from the papers accessed by Ippodhu, has a track record of high performance. This new development of victimization is challenged by her in a court of law which is already hearing her petition to set aside the “misogynistic” and “oppressive” internal complaints committee (ICC) report. Evidence available with Ippodhu points to the fact that  the “legal” team of TCS is systematically  demoralizing the victim by delaying the process of justice and is obstructing the delivery of justice.

The petition copy, available with Ippodhu, says that the victim is treated unfairly by the TCS. The document also lists evidence to say that the action of the TCS is “discriminatory” in nature. When the victim of sexual harassment expressed concern and apprehension about the “misogynistic”and “toxic” environment at the TCS, Ippodhu published an open letter to the TCS on October 4, 2019. However, the TCS underplayed the issue then. It is unfortunate that the organization has now shown that it does not hesitate to victimize a victim. TCS, with over one lakh women in its workforce, cannot afford to treat women so harshly. Ippodhu wishes to see reversal of its punitive action against a woman employee who has believed that justice will be delivered for the wrongdoing she has been subjected to. 

IPPODHU IMPACT: In less than 48 hours since this article appeared on January 8, 2020, the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) reversed its decision of punishing the survivor. We appreciate the survivor for standing up. We appreciate the TCS for showing that it can be women-friendly. 

NOTE BY IPPODHU: The enthusiasm of the impact is short-lived as can be seen from the developments in March 2020. Any natural disaster such as #Coronavirus is seen as an opportunity to further victimize the survivor. Ippodhu sees natural disasters as a warning for humanity to behave.  

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