Send your loved ones abroad their favourite gifts in just few days: CHENNAI ABROAD PACKERS AND COURIERS Service


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We, CHENNAI ABROAD PACKERS & COURIERS, are experts in packing and sending documents, parcels, gifts, food products to USA (ANY ZIP CODE), UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and multiple other global destinations across Europe and other continents. If you want to send your loved ones abroad their favourite food safer and faster, we are the best service in the city. Located in Adyar, West Mambalam and Raja Annamalaipuram in Chennai, we pick up the documents, gifts, parcels, golu dolls, food products and other consignments and deliver it to your friends, partners, loved ones abroad.

We also provide all logistics solutions such as packaging, freight forwarding through air and sea routes to businesses; our strategic tie-up with international shipping service providers makes our delivery the most reliable in the market today. You can reach us on our portal by clicking here and avail the services. You can also reach us at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Chennai Abroad Packers and Couriers,
#24, Shopping Complex,
Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020
+919094337984, +918680025903

Chennai Abroad Packers and Couriers,
Shop #8, Ananda Building,
#3, Station Road,
West Mambalam, Chennai 600033
+919566206214, +919941612578

Chennai Abroad Packers and Couriers,
Corporation Shopping Complex #18/16,
First Floor, (Opposite Sangeetha Hotel),
Third Cross Street, Raja Annamalaipuram,
Chennai – 600028
+917601024491, +919094337984


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