(கவனிக்கவும்: இது ஒரு விளம்பரதாரர் அறிவிப்பு; இதனை உருவாக்குவதில் செய்தியாளர்கள் எவரும் ஈடுபடுத்தப்படவில்லை.)

It was a great sight to look at everything below me when I was happily riding on a hot air balloon. With all the swinging and the wobbling, I enjoyed every second of the travel, but things changed when an Eagle came and sat on my balloon for a ride. I wasn’t ready to share my ride with anyone, and so when I tired to shoo it away, I realised that it put my balloon on fire. I had no parachutes with me, and the only escape for me was to travel to a nearby hot air balloon, through a thin plank which was connecting both the balloon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have ample time to organise myself before I take that risk. If I’ve to save myself, I should hop out of my balloon, and start walking towards the other. Did I forget to mention that I was flying five hundred feet above the ground level, and this is my ever first experience flying on an air balloon? I felt my heart coming out of my mouth, and I started sensing fear, troubling be right at the bottom of my heart. I gathered all my courage, and started walking on the plank. If I fall down, I am sure that I will be dead in no time. When I took the first step on the plank, I lost my balance, and started to fall on my right side, but it’s my life, so somehow, I managed to get back my balance. Three more was the least I could take, before I was interrupted by the same Eagle. I wondered if I could go back, but when I turned around, I could see my balloon burning fiercely. With no other option left, I tired to shoo it again, and this time, it spoilt my balance. I could see some tiny balloon flying around me, and that gave me a spark of slight hope, but I lost it, when I started wobbling very badly. I started sweating, and I could sense my death. I started thinking of my friends and family. What would they do if they lose me? How bad would they feel? They would regret my loss for the rest of their life, but I could do nothing, because I was falling off from five hundred feet about the ground level. My eyes started tearing. My soul got burdened, and suddenly I could sense laughter around me. I started wondering if I’ve died so fast, but once I removed by goggles, I realised that I was playing Baloon terror, at the virtual reality games, at Grand Mall, Velachery.

Gone are the days when people slept and dreamt the dream of terrific funny terror experiences. Gone are the days, when you have to travel miles to take risk. Gone are the days when you have to starve for fun. All the fun you need is rested in Grand Mall, Velachery, at the second floor. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, it’s the virtual reality games session, which is a mind boggling entertainer. To bring all the funny terror experience right in front of your eyes, the virtual reality games, in Grand mall, Velachery, brings to you eight fantabulous virtual games, which will strictly entice you with their risk taking virtual experiences.

An air conditioned room, with some goggles settled here and there, and some belts hanging is the setting of this gaming centre. It also is accompanied with a first floor, where some nice and good cushioned seats are arranged. But, let me tell you, it’s not as simple as it seems. The place might seem empty, but once they put on the goggles on your eyes, they will take you to a totally different world. You might be left five hundred feet above the land level, or sometimes, left on a dragon to catch the golden eggs. You will be wobbling and dancing to cope up with the game, while naturally, you are just half inch above the floor level. Their spacious setting enables you to enjoy every bit of the game from the bottom of your heart.

Let me not forget to mention the friendly people, who facilitate the fun of the games for you. They are the ones who give life to your gaming experience, and they are so friendly that they make you feel that they’ve been a part of your life since your childhood. Usually, virtual gaming experiences make sense only for young adults. Kids are sometimes scared a lot while adults simply find no interest in it. But, this specific virtual reality games in Grand mall, Velachery, addresses all categories of people, right from young kids to senior citizens. An eight year old kid, so much adamant to leave a feedback after his gaming experience has said that it was a great experience.

You surely can come into this gaming arena as a family, and each of you would have a fascinating game to keep your hands on, and it will definitely blow your mind with its amazing life-like experiences. This assures a family entertainment. If you are a terror lover, you will have a scary experience in this virtual reality games, and on the other hand, if you like simple gaming, you have a right game to keep your hands on.

When I say that the instructors and the managers of this gaming session are customer friendly, I just don’t say it, but I mean it. Being a start-up, this virtual reality games take each and every feedback of their customers seriously and they work towards customer satisfaction with all their might. When one customer said that he needed some more games, they changed the five-game pack into an eight-game pack. Customers who walk in here go out promising that they’ll definitely refer to their friends.

The pack of games comprises of Space lord, Wing walker, Balloon terror, Dragon Lord, Raptor rampage, Hover board, Soccer head and Dodgem MP. All these games are super exciting, and they literally give you a mixed emotion. To know what all these words mean, I suggest that you should go to Grand Mall and enjoy the fun all by yourself. Let me just warn you, please be careful and be prepared, for the fun you’ll have their will be astounding you to the core.

The moment you put on your goggles, you are transported into a totally new world which offers a super cool experience in a golden platter. Sometime, you get to float in an air balloon, but what would happen next, is left for you to explore. Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab your friends and family to enjoy the fun! You’ll definitely not get disappointed. You’ll be loaded with surprises and what not! Have fun, with the best virtual gaming experiences at Grand Mall, Velachery, right in the second floor. Unleash the emotions piled up in you, and come out light hearted, with loaded laughter.

Second Floor, Grand Mall,
Velachery, Chennai 600042

Contact: Berlin +917550000300


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