Well dressed people are often perceived as being smarter, funnier and more enjoyable to be around. That is why Cool Casuals is the go-to place for young men living on the East Coast Road of Chennai since 2016. Here is a great collection of both formals and casuals from multiple fashion brands for men. Located in Palavakkam, this outlet is home to multi-brand shirts, pants, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, track pants, inners and accessories for men.

This is probably the only outlet where you can buy three shirts for Rs. 999 and two pants for Rs.999 throughout the year. Affordable pricing and high quality of fabric have made this store a major attraction for youth in the neighbourhood.

The availability of both luxury and affordable brands gives young men options to choose from a wide variety of clothing to suit different occasions in their lives. We understand that colours and patterns are very powerful; certain ones grab our attention; some accentuate our natural tones; and others affect our emotions.

We, at Cool Casuals, never fail to surprise you by paying attention to the details of individual-specific requirements.

Cool Casuals
#2/3, Kamaraj Salai, Near Government Aadhi Dravidar Higher Secondary School, Palavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041
+9197908 95358

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(கவனிக்கவும்: இது ஒரு விளம்பரதாரர் அறிவிப்பு; இதனை உருவாக்குவதில் செய்தியாளர்கள் எவரும் ஈடுபடுத்தப்படவில்லை.)

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